Michelle Harris

Michelle has been the team’s Office Manager and Licensed Assistant since 2005. With 20+ years of real estate administration experience and a broad array of responsibilities, Michelle keeps things running smoothly in the background for Janny, Jeff and Shan.

From the preparation of paperwork to the arranging of our marketing efforts, Michelle is involved in managing nearly every aspect of the team’s ever-growing real estate business.

Michelle is always available to assist you, our clients, with any questions and concerns that you may have about the buying and selling process.


“Michelle and the support staff are excellent communicators, always easy to reach, and provide clear instructions at each stage of the purchase/sale process. Given that buying and selling houses is essentially a matter of completing a very long checklist, you want someone like Michelle guiding you along the way. — J.B.& E.K.

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  • Office : (613) 238-2801
  • Fax : (613) 238-4583

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